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About Us

We believe in learning of all the subjects through Project Based Learning.

We aspire to create an environment where every child can achieve their full potential.

Our Vision :

To serve and promote DO and LEARN pedagogy among rural and urban learners across the world.

Passionate to create dynamic and well trained nursery teachers to empower women in their careers and provide skilled teachers to kids.

Our Mission :

  • To Cultivate 21st century skills in learners of rural and urban area.
  • To make students learn in a more impactful manner by Doing/ Hands-on and evolve.
  • To equip students to learn with clarity and efficiency.
  • To allow students /learners to learn in their own way.

Our Values :

Values play very important part in our life.

The value MOTHER is the fundamental belief in all areas. They shape the learning culture and form a vision

M : Meticulousness
O : Open-mindness, Optimism, Outrageousness
T : Team work, Thoroughness, Tidiness, Timelines, Truth
H : Happiness, Harmony
E : Enthusiasm
R : Respect

Our deep seated belief in the positive impact of PBL
An incredible passion to make a difference in the world of education.


Kids Lab Project Based Learning Weekend Camp

6 years (Grade 1) to 14 years (Grade 8)  

Classes:  Weekdays:  3 pm onwards

Weedends : 10 am onwards

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