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Here the learners are involved in learning. They effortlessly gain knowledge of the concept dealt and develop various skills.

Stress free atmosphere where each child is actively involved in learning through executing the concept/project himself, thus learning here becomes meaningful and each child blossoms.

Who Benefits ?

  • Children in the age group of 6 to 11 years.
    • Project Based Learning for all rural and urban learners across the world.
  • Learners in Underserved Schools.
  • NGO's interested in implementing Project Based Learning in schools sponsored by them.
  • Indian and International visitors interested in multifaceted Projects offered by NPBL:
    • Teachers training on Project Based Learning pedagogy.
    • Academic Courseware, the execution and completion of a project at their site.

Our Objectives

To imbibe 21st century skills in learners through Project Based Learning pedagogy.

We at NPBL focus on involving learners to seek knowledge, provide an opportunity to do things and build valuable experience throughout his journey at our Learning center. We aim at:

  • Facilitating a meaningful development of concept in a conducive environment.
  • Enhancing students state of mind towards learning by engaging, exploring and experiencing.
  • Enabling students to develop 21st century skills.
  • Helping students to unleash their hidden potential by incorporating their way of learning in our planned Project Based Learning technique.
  • Encouraging them to contribute in their neighbouring community by sharing their understanding. This helps students to learn to become socially responsible, conscious global citizen


Project Based Learning
Do & Learn
Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 , 10 AM

Successful Completion of
                 One Month of 
Nursery  Teachers Training

NPBL please to announces
Opening of its SECOND BRANCH
 Yelahanka New town on 15th April 2019

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